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Name and surname: Cytomel (T3) powder CAS: 55-06-1 Molecular formula: C15H11I3NNaO4 Molecular weight: 672.96 Fusion point: 205 ° C Storage Temp.: 2-8 ° C Color: White or off-white powder

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Cytomel powder (CAS 55-06-1) also known as Cytomel, Cynomel, Cyronine, Cytomel Tabs, Euthyroid, Linomel, Liothyronin, Neo-Tiroimade, Ro-Thyronine, T3 powder, Tertroxin, Thybon, Ti-Tre, Tiromel , Tironina and Trijodthyronin.

Use of T3 powder

T3 powder is rarely prescribed on its own to address thyroid problems, it is usually prescribed with T4. In the past, cytomel was a planned treatment for obesity, however, an increase in heart complications and cardiac stress forced T3 to be withdrawn for that application.

T3 works at the cellular level by increasing the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, as well as increasing heart rate and blood flow. T3 is a great fat burner as your metabolism increases dramatically during use.

This benefits bodybuilders as they can afford to follow a higher calorie pre-contest diet as they will burn excess calories with a higher metabolic rate. But remember, T3 is catabolic (you can potentially lose significant muscle mass), and long-term use can also reduce bone density.

Cytomel (CAS 55-06-1) is best taken several times a day.T3 levels will peak approximately 2 hours after ingestion and will deplete within 4 hours. To optimize T3 availability and maintenance of T3 levels throughout the day, multiple dosing is a recommended course of action.

Multiple dosing avoids having total dependence on your body by converting T4 to T3.

Even though T3 is not a steroid, there is some anecdotal evidence that T3 improves steroid use. This may be possible due to the increased amount of protein metabolism while using T3.

You will often read about bodybuilders stacking T3 with an anabolic steroid cycle. Additionally, Clenbuterol is another product that is often stacked with T3 to form a highly effective, pre-competitive fat loss regimen.

Most bodybuilders have used this drug safely and effectively. There are stories of people having problems with the thyroid gland being 'turned off' after using T3. A review of the literature shows that recovery is a more likely event if there is no genetic predisposition for thyroid disease.

Cytomel powder warning

Supplement specific for thyroid support is another problem. Much has been written and published on guggulsterones and forskolin. The literature states that it stimulates thyroid production for both products, however, the direct mechanism (s) of action has not been determined.

Several weight loss supplements use one or both of the products.

Personally, I believe they only contribute slightly to improving thyroid performance and that the standard thyroid hormone feedback mechanism nullifies most of the benefits that can be derived. However, they can play a good role in recovering thyroid gland function after a T3 cycle.

The use of growth hormone (GH) and T3 at the same time must also be considered. The normal increase in nitrogen retention associated with GH use is eliminated when T3 levels rise.

This effect has been attributed to the increase in T3 (CAS 55-06-1) levels of insulin-like growth factor binding protein, thereby reducing the bioavailability of igf-1 (5). Growth hormone already has a fat-burning quality, so it seems more convenient not to use T3 at the same time as GH.

T3 powder Further instructions

Cytomel is the thyroid drug which can be easily used to reduce the excessive fat from one's body. In fact, it works by replacing natural thyroid hormones. Cytomel T4 further increases the user's body metabolic rate and offers great energy to digest food. When taken regularly, the steroid helps the individual to reduce their weight and helps to enjoy a healthier posture.

We can clearly observe that there are many benefits of using Cytomel in order to optimize the metabolic rate. It further increases the body's ability to synthesize proteins. But what is generally seen is that it acts as a catabolic when not given with anabolic steroids.

It is in fact often the last thing incorporated into the pre-contest diet because it has a reputation for losing body fat or sticky fat, like in bodybuilding. It's the fat that doesn't want to leave you in the last few days of your diet. Cytomel is very popular with female bodybuilders. Since women have slower metabolisms than men, it is very difficult for them to actually get the right type for competition as long as current standards are met. Cytomel allows you to avoid a noticeable reduction in calories and foods below the calorie / daily content of 1000.There is no doubt that women are more inclined to deal with the negative effects than men, but they generally get along with 50 mcg per day. It is also imperative that the drug is not taken for over 6 weeks or so. At least 2 months of Cytomel abstinence must be followed. People who take high doses of the drug over a longer period of time are at risk of developing chronic thyroid failure.

In bodybuilding circles, Cytomel is mainly used as a fat loss drug. Thyroid hormones are referred to as the body's metabolic regulators. High-level T3 speeds up the person's overall metabolism, thereby allowing him or her to burn more calories and use calories more sufficiently.

Speaking of the dosage, one must be very careful as Cytomel is a highly effective yet powerful thyroid hormone. It is very important to start with a low dose, increasing the same slowly and correctly within a few days. Most athletes start by taking the 1 25mcg tab every day and then increasing the dose from 3 to 4 days with 1 extra tablet. A few doses above 100 mcg per day is not essential as such and is not recommended either.

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