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Testosterone Cypionate powder video (Test cyp).

Basic Characters of Raw Testosterone Cypionate Powder (Test cyp).

Product name: Testosterone Cypionate powder CAS number: 58-20-8 Molecular formula: C27H40O3 Molecular weight: X Fusion point: 98.0-104.0 ° C Color: White crystalline powder Storage Temp.: Store at 8 ° C-20 ° C, protect from moisture and light

Testosterone cypionate powder

Testosterone cypionate powder, commonly referred to as 'cyp test powder'.

Testosterone Cypionate is a synthetic testosterone, it is a long-acting version of the parent hormone testosterone with a cypionate ester attached to delay its release in the body. Testosterone is the most powerful and natural androgen that is formed in the human body. It is responsible for the specific characteristics of males and their sexual traits. It is mainly used in clinical treatment without class testosterone or testosterone disease, cryptorchidism, functional uterine bleeding, menorrhagia, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, menopause syndrome, metastatic and ovarian breast cancer, pituitary dwarfism, senile osteoporosis, aplastic anemia, etc.

Testosterone Cypionate is a type of testosterone difficult to obtain in the long term, Cypionate can effectively increase muscle mass and strength, it is a little more efficient than Testosterone Enanthate, it is very popular in testosterone, but it is more water and than others synthetic drug reaction which can be relatively more, effective general clinical dosage of 200-1000mg every week, many people use more 2000mg / week, of course, this is not very safe.

Testosterone Cypionate can only be used in an injectable form and is often used to treat conditions such as low testosterone. More than 20 million people in the United States have some form of low testosterone, which can seriously reduce their quality of life. Symptoms such as muscle mass and loss of strength, decreased libido and sexual performance, increased body fat, and low energy levels are common features of low testosterone. Furthermore, abandoning low testosterone can be a gateway to many serious conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. Most men find injections every seven to ten days, with a total of 100mg to 250mg per injection to completely eliminate the problem.

Benefits of Testosterone Cypionate Powder

Testosterone Cypionate has the benefits and effects of all testosterone steroids, the ester attached to it simply controls the release time and in this case results in a slower release steroid that suits people running longer cycles .

Some of the great benefits you will experience when using Test Cypionate at a higher dosage for performance and bodybuilding purposes include:

  • It increases protein synthesis, nitrogen retention, IGF-1 hormone and keeps the body in an optimal anabolic state to promote muscle growth, fat loss and endurance muscle repair.
  • It encourages lean muscle growth and fat loss making it ideal for a bulking cycle.
  • It is also ideal for cutting cycles as it helps retain lean muscle mass while fat is being burned, while maintaining strength levels that can often otherwise suffer during heavy dieting phases.
  • Improve athletic and muscular performance with increased endurance and the ability to train longer and harder without getting tired as fast as you normally would, ensuring faster progress towards your results.
  • Recovery is improved with an increase in red blood cells which supply more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

All of these benefits and effects are possible with Testosterone Cypionate, but the specific dosage, training, and dietary routines will greatly determine how potent these effects will be. Your age and genetics also play a role in how this (and any other) steroid will affect you.

Your results won't necessarily be the same as the next guy at the gym using exactly the same steroid cycle. Testosterone Cypionate provides the power to deliver outstanding results to those who are determined to use the steroid to its fullest potential.

Testosterone cypionate powder dosage

Whatever your goals are, your Testosterone Cypionate can be customized to achieve them and this is a steroid considered to be one of the safest to use at bodybuilding doses where muscle gain is the main focus.Regardless of your level of experience, the recommended dosing frequency is of injections twice a week to maximize and maintain the steroid's blood levels.

This is a versatile steroid that can be used effectively from as little as 250mg per week for beginners, up to 1000mg per week for advanced users, with intermediate users often settling for 500mg to 700mg per week for a dosage. of very effective muscle growth while being able to control side effects.

While it may be tempting to increase the dosage above 1000mg to increase gains, this also results in increased estrogen and androgenic side effects which are not worth the trade-off for the extra gains and such a high dosage is not recommended.

Testosterone Cypionate powder cycles

A Testosterone Cypionate cycle can be designed for cutting or bulking and this is a versatile steroid that stacks very well with almost any other steroid out there, whether used as a primary compound or for testosterone support at higher doses. low.

  • Testosterone Cypionate Cycles for Beginners

A 12-week cycle with a dosage of between 300mg to 500mg per week and with no other steroids included makes it a safe, simple and easy testosterone-only cycle to administer for a beginner looking to gain quality lean mass with minimal side effects. .

Testosterone is considered the safest steroid for a beginner until you can determine your individual response, then consider adding other steroids to a stack as intermediate and advanced users do.

  • Intermediate cycles of Testosterone Cypionate

If you are in the middle stage, you will probably want to combine Testosterone Cypionate with other steroids in a stacked cycle, such as Deca-Durabolin and Dianabol.

A typical cycle of this type would include Testosterone Cypionate at 500mg per week and Deca at 400mg per week for 12 weeks, with Dianabol providing a kickstart for the first 4 weeks at only 25mg per day.

The main benefits of this stack for intermediate users are to make big gains in strength and mass by using three of the most popular and widely used steroids in a proven stack cycle.

  • Advanced testosterone cypionate cycles

Advanced users will often look to using Testosterone Cypionate as a supporting compound only as they rely on much more potent steroids to take on the role of the primary anabolic compound for muscle gains.

An example of a 12-week advanced cycle includes 200-300 mg per week of Testosterone Cypionate and 600 mg per week of Trenbolone Enanthato. This cycle avoids the side effect of water retention because testosterone cypionate is taken at a dose low enough to avoid aromatization and Trenbolone does not aromatize and convert to estrogen, so this advanced cycle has the added benefit of not have estrogen-related side effects.

Testosterone Cypionate injectable recipes

Try Cypionate 200mg / ml @ 100ml Recipe

20 grams of Testosterone Cypionate powder (18.18 ml)

2ml BA (2%)

BB 20ml (20%)

59.82 ml of oil

Testosterone Cypionate 250mg / ml @ 100ml cooking recipe:

25 gram Testosterone Cypionate powder

3ml BA (3%)

BB 15ml (15%)

33.25ml EO

30ml GSO

Buy Testosterone Cypionate Dust

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