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Trestolone Acetate (MENT) powder basic characters

Name and surname: Trestolone Acetate (MENT) powder CAS: 6157-87-5 Molecular formula: C21H30O3 Molecular weight: 330.465 Fusion point: 447.571 ° C Storage Temp.: RT Color: White crystalline powder

Use of trestolone acetate (MENT) powder in steroid cycle


Testolone Acetate powder (CAS 6157-87-5) is commonly referred to as MENT powder.

MENT powder (CAS 6157-87-5) Usage

With a maximum dose of 50 mg per day, users can anticipate considerable gains within three months of use. It is possible to increase strength levels and muscle mass with 20 to 20 weight gain over that period of time.

Warning on Trestolone Acetate powder

The injectable powder form of Trestolone Acetate (CAS 6157-87-5) is considered to be the best delivery method for this anabolic steroid while the oral forms will produce the least satisfactory results. It should be noted that the dosage is crucial. Anyone using Trestolone Acetate powder should follow all dosage instructions to the letter to avoid adverse effects. The correct dosage will also lead to the most effective results when used consistently over an extended period of time.

Further instructions

For those who are absolutely committed to perfecting their physique, they will look for various possibilities to achieve their fitness goals.Using Trestolone Acetate powder is one way to achieve a lean, smooth body with maximum muscle gain. Positive results can be achieved without adverse effects, another reason many will experiment with Trestolone Acetate powder and other anabolic steroids.

Trestolone Acetate Powder (CAS 6157-87-5)

Minimum order 10grams.
Normal quantity inquiry (within 1kg) can be sent in 12 hours after payment.
For larger orders (Within 1kg) it can be sent out in 3 working days after payment.

Trestolone Acetate Powder Marketing

To be supplied in the near future.

How to Buy Trestolone Acetate Powder, Buy MENT Powder from AASraw

1. To contact us via our email inquiry system or online skype customer service representative (CSR).
2. To provide us with the required quantity and address.
3. Our CSR will provide you with the quotation, payment term, tracking number, delivery ways and estimated arrival date (ETA).
4.Payment made and the goods will be shipped in 12 hours (for orders within 10kg).
5.Goods received and commented.


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