Urolithin B


Urolithin B is also a natural product with antiproliferative and antioxidant activity. Urolithin B is formed by the metabolism of polyphenols present in some nuts and fruits, in particular pomegranates. Urolithin B has been shown to cross the blood brain barrier and may have neuroprotective effects against Alzheimer's disease.



Urolithin B Basic features

product name Urolithin B CAS number 1139-83-9 Molecular formula C13H8O3 Weight Formula 212.2 Synonyms Urolithin B,


3-hydroxy-6H-benzo [c] chromen-6-one,

3-hydroxybenzo [c] chromen-6-one,


Form White in the light Storage and management Dry, dark and 0-4 C for short term or -20 C for long term.


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