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Cetilistat (Oblean) powder Basic characters

Name and surname: Cetilistat (Oblean) powder CAS: 282526-98-1 Molecular formula: C. Molecular weight: 316.31 Fusion point: 190-200 ° C Storage Temp.: Room temperature Color: Gray powder

Cetilistat (Oblean) powder cycle


Chemical name: Cetilistat powder
Brand names: Oblean powder

Cetilistat (Oblean) powder use

Cetilistat (Oblean) powder is an inhibitor of pancreatic lipase, an enzyme that breaks down triglycerides in the gut. Without this enzyme, the triglycerides contained in the diet are not hydrolyzed into absorbable free fatty acids and are left excreted undigested. This drug, while similar to the powder currently used in orlistat powder, may have a more tolerable side effect profile due to a different molecular structure. A phase 2 study studied 612 obese, diabetic subjects with a BMI of 28 to 45 kg / m2 over a 12-week treatment period. Cetilistat 80 and 120 mg powder promoted significant weight loss compared to placebo (3.85 kg and 4.32 kg compared to 2.86 kg, respectively). The weight loss induced by Oblean powder was similar to the weight loss achieved with orlistat powder (3.78 kg). Cetilistat powder was well tolerated and showed fewer discontinuations due to adverse events than the placebo and orlistat powder groups.Since the discontinuation of the orlistat powder group was significantly worse than the 120 mg Oblean powder and placebo group and was entirely due to gastrointestinal adverse events, Cetilistat powder can become a preferred lipase inhibitor to achieve loss of weight. Phase 3 trials of Oblean dust are currently underway in Japan.

What is the dosage of Oblean powder

The Oblean powder dosage comes as 60mg capsules for oral administration. The medicine is taken with meals to ensure that it can work while the food is digested, so that the absorption of fat from the diet can be effectively reduced. Your doctor will advise you on how many medicines to take with each dose, as well as the required daily dosage. It is very important to follow these instructions. Don't take more than your doctor tells you to take.

How Cetilistat powder works

Cetilistat powder is a weight loss powder in combination with a low calorie diet. It works by blocking a significant amount of fat from being digested and absorbed in the body. This weight loss powder is classified as a lipase inhibitor and acts directly on the digestive system where it blocks the action of a lipolytic enzyme called lipase. These lipases are what the body uses to digest fat. However, when this medicine is given with a meal, it binds to lipases, thereby inhibiting the breakdown of fat. Fats that are not hydrolyzed are instead excreted in the faeces, resulting in increased excretion of faecal fat and reduced fat absorption.When used in conjunction with a reduced calorie diet, it can help improve weight loss and make it easier for overweight patients to get back in shape, thus increasing the chances of weight loss success. Its way of use is the same as the older orlistat powder by inhibiting pancreatic lipase.


It is not recommended to take more than 3 capsules within 24 hours.

Proceed to the nearest emergency room immediately if you suffer from an allergic reaction. Symptoms usually associated with this reaction include difficulty in breathing or swallowing, chest tightness, swelling, rash and hives.

Cetislim is not always suitable for all patients. Always consult your physician before using this drug if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, attempting to conceive, use any other drug (prescription or non-prescription), use any herbal product or supplement, or if you have allergies or other health problems.

The correct Oblean powder dosage and prescription commonly depends on the patient and the condition being treated. Do not adjust your dosage without your doctor's approval. This product is only for use as prescribed and instructed.

Cetilistat Raw Powder

Minimum order 10grams.
Normal quantity inquiry (within 1kg) can be sent in 12 hours after payment.
For large orders it can be sent in 3 working days after payment.

Cetilistat (Oblean) powder

To be supplied in the near future.

Cetilistat (Oblean) powder has side effects

Patients undergoing treatment for obesity with Cetislim powder could suffer from side effects. You must inform your doctor if this happens. Some examples are given here:

Fat in the stool
Abdominal cramp
Flatus with drain
Oily spotting
Intestinal incontinence
Abdominal pain
Soft stools
Nasal congestion
Frequent defecation
Stomach pain
Although mild reactions are generally considered to be more common, serious adverse events can also occur. Consult your doctor immediately if this happens.

How to buy Oblean powder: Buy Cetilistat powder from AASraw

1. To contact us via our email inquiry system or Skype Customer Service Representative (CSR) online.
2. To provide us with the required quantity and address.
3. Our CSR will provide you with the quotation, payment term, tracking number, delivery ways and estimated arrival date (ETA).
4.Payment made and the goods will be shipped in 12 hours (for orders within 10kg).
5.Goods received and commented.


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