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Orlistat powder basic characters

Name and surname: Orlistat powder CAS: 96829-58-2 Molecular formula: C. Molecular weight: 495.7 Fusion point: 50 ° C Storage Temp.: 2-8 ° C Color: White powder

Product name: Orlistat

IUPAC Name: [(2S) -1 – [(2S, 3S) -3-hexyl-4-oxooxetan-2-yl] tridecan-2-yl] (2S) -2-formamido-4-methylpentanoate

Introduction of Orlistat

More than half of the world's population has ever tried a weight control program, such as diet, exercise, surgery, or medication. All these slimming remedies are only effective if you are faithful to them and follow the instructions for the latter. However, opting for surgery or medication can prove harmful if you don't take the utmost precautions.

Chemical structure of Orlistat (3-D conformation)

Chemical structure of Orlistat (2-D conformation)

Chemical properties of the Listlist

Property name Cost of the property Counting covalent bonded units 1 Counting the atom of isotopes 0 Count Stereocenter Bond not defined 0 Bond Stereocenter count defined 0 Atom stereocenter count not defined 0 Atom Stereocenter Count defined 4 Count of heavy atoms 35 Formal charge 0 The compound is canonized The reals XLogP3-AA 10 Exact Mass X Monoisotopic mass X Topological polar surface area 81.7 A ^ 2 Complexity 579 Rotatable Bond counter 23 Hydrogen counter 5 Hydrogen donor count 1 Molecular weight X

A simple description of Orlistat powder

One of weight loss medications that you will come across in your quest to find the most effective weight management drugs is Orlistat.In this Orlistat review, you will find crucial information, including what it is, how it works, and how it should be used, so you can decide if it's the right choice for you.

What is the Orlistat?

Orlistat, which is sold as a prescription drug under the trade name Xenical, is a prescribed weight loss drug that has been formulated to treat adverse weight problems such as obesity, as well as other weight-related conditions. It is made available by GlaxoSmithKline as an over-the-counter drug called Alli in the US and UK.

Generic formulations of Orlistat are available in several countries. Since 2000, it has been classified as an S3 over-the-counter drug in Australia. Approval of Orlistat as an over-the-counter drug was a controversial topic in the United States. It has been repeatedly opposed for efficacy and safety reasons by a consumer advocacy group known as Public Citizen.

Orlistat acts as a lipase inhibitor, which generally means that it prevents the absorption of fat from food, thereby reducing the amount of calories consumed. Just like many other weight loss drugs, Orlistat it is meant for use in conjunction with other lifestyle modifications such as exercise and diet. Clinical studies show that people who adhere to this combination have a chance of losing two to three kilograms more than those who don't include the drug in their weight loss regiment.

One of the desirable aspects of Orlistat is that it not only helps you lose weight but also lowers your blood pressure. Additionally, this weight control drug is believed to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes in obese people in the same way that lifestyle changes do.

While there are several Orlistat benefits to be happy about, there are also some Orlistat side effects to watch out for. The most frequently reported side effect of this diet pill is steatorrhea. This is a gastrointestinal disease characterized by soft, oily stools. Fortunately, symptoms lessen over time.

Orlistat Mechanism of action

Orlistat is a potent intestinal lipase inhibitor. This drug is a reversible active site inhibitor for gastrointestinal lipases. The drug forms a covalent bond with the active serine site in pancreatic and gastric lipases, inhibiting its action and preventing hydrolysis and absorption of dietary fat. (NCI04).

In simpler terms, Orlistat facilitates weight loss by slowing down pancreatic and gastric lipases, which are essential enzymes in the gut that break down triglycerides. When these lipases are blocked, hydrolyzing the triglycerides from the diet into absorbable fatty acids is prevented.

Diet pills are taken orally and once taken, local lipase inhibition occurs within the gastrointestinal tract. Only small amounts of the drug are absorbed into the body, with most of the drug being eliminated in the stool.

Recent studies have shown that Orlistat is potent in inhibiting an enzyme involved in the propagation of dangerous cancer cells. Nonetheless, the drug's potential side effects (such as inhibition of other non-targeted cells or poor bioavailability) prevent its use as a useful anticancer agent. In one study, researchers took a chemical proteomics approach to find new cellular targets for the drug, including its off-targets.

At the normal prescribed dose of 120 mg 3 times a day before meals, the orlistat diet pill prevents approximately 30 percent of the nutritional fat from being absorbed into the body. Taking more doses does not give more powerful effects.

Use of holistic powder

Orlistat is used as a weight management drug. It is an ideal choice for overweight or obese people. This weight loss pill is recommended for use by people with weight related health problems. It promises to help people not only lose weight, but also help prevent them from regaining the weight they lost. By doing so, it helps reduce the risk of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and many other health risks related to obesity.

The extent of weight loss after taking Orlistat varies from person to person. Researchers who conducted clinical trials for a year found that between 35.5 percent and 54.8 percent of subjects managed to achieve a 5 percent greater reduction in body mass, even though not all of the mass lost was necessarily fat. About 16.4% -24.8% of the subjects managed to achieve at least a 10 percent decrease in body fat. When the subjects stopped taking Orlistat, a substantial number of them regained up to 35 percent of the weight they had been able to lose.

Orlistat dosage

Orlistat comes in the form of hard turquoise gelatin capsules that contain powder granules and weighs 120 mg. The recommended daily dose is three capsules per day. You should not take all three pills at once, but instead take each tablet with the main meal that contains fat, i.e. one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner. You can take each pill with a meal or up to one hour after a meal. In case a meal is often skipped or if the meal does not contain fat, the dose of Orlistat can be omitted.Doses above the recommended daily dose have not been found to provide any additional benefit.

Orlistat is most effective when combined with other weight loss strategies, such as sticking to a balanced, calorie-reduced diet and regular exercise. It is recommended that you take the weight loss pill with a meal that contains around 30 percent calories from fat. The effects of the drug are visible as soon as 24-48 hours after taking a dose.

Orlistat has been shown to be effective in minimizing the absorption of some fat-soluble vitamins and beta-carotene. Therefore, people who take the pill are advised to take it together with a multi-vitamin that contains fat-soluble vitamins to ensure sufficient nutrition. It is recommended that you take the vitamin supplement at least two hours before or after taking Orlistat.

As for those patients receiving cyclosporine therapy, it is recommended to administer cyclosporine at least 3 hours after taking Orlistat. For those receiving levothyroxine therapy, they are encouraged to administer levothyroxine therapy at least 4 hours after taking Orlistat. Those taking both Orlistat and levothyroxine should be watched closely for changes in thyroid function.


Previously, orlistat was strictly taken under the prescription of a doctor or pharmacist. However, in 2007, the US Food and Drug Administration approved it for the over-the-counter market, thereby making it available to everyone.

Check for any allergic reactions

Before taking this drug, it is advisable to speak with your doctor about any hypersensitivity reactions you may encounter. Orlistat contains inactive ingredients, which may not be beneficial to you, causing severe allergic reactions and side effects.Some of them include cellulose, microcrystalline, gelatin, silica and sodium starch glycolate.

Consider your medical history

You need to share with your pharmacist or doctor about any medical conditions you may have. This is because orlistat is contraindicated in specific abnormalities and problems, especially those associated with digestion.

If you suffer from any of the following conditions, it is advisable to seek further information from a professional.

Malabsorption syndrome

This is an anomaly responsible for the insufficient absorption of food nutrients along the GIT system. It should be noted that orlistat itself works by inhibiting the digestion of fats. Therefore, this will end up being more tragic for all who take the drug, yet suffer from malabsorption syndrome.

Liver disorders or cholestasis

This is a condition where there is inhibition of bile flow to the liver. There are several reports linking orlistat to acute liver injury, although it occurs in rare cases or in high doses.

Gallbladder disease

This includes cholecystectomy and associated syndromes.

Other health conditions you should report to your pharmacist include HIV infections, thyroid disease, kidney stones, seizures, or pancreatitis. In seizures or convulsions, orlistat can end up unbalancing the antiepileptic treatment by interfering with absorption.

Food problems

Some of these disorders are bulimia and anorexia. Also, it is not necessary to take orlistat if you are not overweight.

Other drugs

It is advisable to tell your doctor if you are taking any other medicines, especially those that can suppress the immune system. Drug-drug interactions will interfere with pharmacokinetics, resulting in an increased or reduced effect on one of them.For example, orlistat will always interfere with the mechanism of drugs prescribed for an organ transplant.

If you are taking cyclosporine, your doctor will likely tell you to avoid orlistat. However, it is still possible to administer it only with strict instructions. To be safe, you should take it at least two hours before this weight management drug or two hours after.

Also, you should mention any prescription and non-prescription drugs, dietary supplements, vitamins, blood thinners, or herbal products you may be taking.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women

This weight management drug is not for pregnant women, for those planning to conceive or for breastfeeding. The drug is unlikely to have an impact on weight loss and will eventually harm the fetus.

While it is still unclear whether orlistat passes to the mother's breast, you'd rather avoid it and feel safe rather than sorry.


Orlistat is what every person with diabetes should improve and control their blood sugar and improve glucose tolerance. However, you will need to monitor your sugar levels regularly and make frequent visits to the doctor. This helps you know when to adjust your diabetes medication, the correct diet, and the exercise program to follow.

Orlistat side effects

Just like most treatments, orlistat has its side effects. The main side effect is always observed in bowel habits. However, this may only be evident during the first few weeks of taking the weight loss drug.

For some people, symptoms may subside while for others, it may continue while taking orlistat. At this point, it is advisable to inform your doctor. The more satisfied you are with a low-fat diet, the more likely it is to decrease side effects.

Here are some common side effects,


Although harmless, steatorrhea is the presence of excess oil and fat in the stool. Since orlistat inhibits lipases, there will be no absorption of free fatty acids. As a result, the stool will appear oily and bulky.

To control this effect, high-calorie foods and high-fat levels should be avoided. According to FDA standards, the amount must be between 0.53 and no more than 30%.


In most cases, the gas comes out with some oil. You will need to examine your clothes or underwear for traces of oily stains.

  • fecal incontinence

Loose, urgent and frequent bowel movements

  • Abdominal discomfort and pain
  • Abnormal menstrual cycle
  • Low blood sugar levels

This is common among people who have type II diabetes.

  • Severe liver damage

Such cases are rare but occur when you have some underlying liver problems or take a high dosage. In 2010, the FDA included a safety warning on orlistat labels, which indicate a risk of possible liver injury.

However, this side effect is still a debate considering another case study published in the British Medical Journal indicated otherwise.

Some of the warning signs of liver disease include vomiting, abdominal pain, yellow skin, and dark urine.

Allergic reactions

It is rare to experience hypersensitivity or allergic reactions when taking the orlistat weight loss pill. For some people, the inactive ingredients in the drug can trigger nausea, itching, rash, swelling of the body, difficulty breathing, or dizziness.

Other less common side effects include anxiety, headache, swelling, rectal discomfort, fatigue, poor appetite, and gallstones.If acute symptoms occur, you should notify your doctor immediately or report to the FDA reporting program.

Final verdict on Orlistat powder

Even though orlistat has some side effects, it is an excellent weight loss treatment that will deliver results within two weeks. The secret of benefiting from this drug is to follow the instructions, understand the precautions and control your diet.

While taking orlistat, it is important to follow the right nutrition program, consume less fat, low calories, and exercise regularly. A proper diet should include more fruits, vegetables, and grains. Furthermore, it is necessary to supplement the diet with essential multivitamin products as orlistat blocks the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

If in doubt, you can contact your pharmacist or doctor for further instructions. Alternatively, you can contact the United States Food and Drug Administration with any inquiries or reports of life-threatening side effects, which have not been listed.

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