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Name and surname: Fasoracetam powder CAS: 110958-19-5 Molecular formula: C14H27N3O2 Molecular weight: 158.15 Fusion point: 160-166 ° C Storage Temp.: Store at room temperature or cooler Color: White or off-white powder

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Fasoracetam powder is named LAM 105, NFC-1, NS 105.

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In this fast-paced modern world there is a demand from people to be able to think quickly on their feet and multi-task for efficiency in almost any field of employment, from medical professionals to a medical professional. catering service with minimum wage. This need to keep up, compete and reach is reflected in universities across the country. The need to get the best grades and write the best papers, after all, is the only way to compete in modern America. Students, professionals and lay people may want to improve their performance. Nootropics are a family of drugs that have gained a lot of attention and show great popular use. Each of the drugs in what is known as the racetam family all derive from the initial nootropic pyrotechnic. These drugs work to improve memory and mental acuity, in one way or another, which has made them very popular with college students. Recently, one of the nootropics of note was Fasoracetam powder, or its proper name '5 – [(piperidin-1-yl) carbonyl] pyrrolidin-2-one', which is a bit of a mouthful (Rajaganapathy and et . Al, 5127).This particular racetam, known as Fasoracetam powder, is proving to be quite promising.

There is still no standardized dose of Fasoracetam powder for humans. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the smaller doses range around 10 – 15 mg with higher doses in the 30 – 50 mg per dose three times a day.

The benefits of Fasoracetam powder are mostly in anecdote, but there are some studies that suggest a correlation. Given that there are millions of children and adolescents using amphetamine-based ADHD medications, studies on the effects of fasoracetam are a good sign. Even better, Fasoracetam powder has made it to Phase II and III clinical trials, which may suggest high efficacy for this purpose. As of June 2016, the drug was still in these trials.

According to anecdotal evidence about the benefits of Fasoracetam raw powder, the concentration and stimulation benefits are moderate. One person compared the stimulation effects to noopept and another said it was more of an energy boost than a stimulation.

In addition to these focus and focus benefits, there is also evidence of neuroprotective effects. A study in rats showed that Fasoracetam raw powder can prevent memory disruptions. This is common among the racetam drug line, and it makes sense that Fasoracetam powder would exhibit many of these same properties.

Another interesting benefit of Fasoracetam powder is as an antidepressant and anxiolytic. A study in rats with learned impotence showed that the drug had potent antidepressant effects without some of the side effects (such as MAOI interactions). This study concluded that GABA (B) up-regulation was able to increase test results in animals.

Warning about side effects of Fasoracetam raw powder

There are currently no known side effects of raw Fasoracetam powder in the scientific literature, but that doesn't mean it's risk-free. Not only do synthetic drugs present risks, but anecdotal evidence in smart drug communities can tell us a few things about the drug.

For one, some anecdotal reports suggest a reduction in orgasms. A specific individual has mentioned this effect, but it seems rare and perhaps confused with other variables.

Further instructions

Longtime nootropic users might think Raw Fasoracetam powder is a joke (there seems to be a new release every month), but this is a new synthetic compound that's part of the racetam family. Synthesized in the 1960s, piracetam was the first in the family and continues to be one of the most popular nootropic drugs on the market.

The benefits of Raw Fasoracetam powder are largely anecdotal, but there is some preliminary research to support the claims. At the time of writing, Fasoracetam powder has been tested in Phase II / III clinical trials for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) [1].

Other advertised benefits are related to memory protection [2], as is customary in the racetam family. There are also anxiety and mood-related benefits that can be attributed to impacts on GABA production in the brain [3]. While the evidence is sparse and inconclusive, there is a lot of information to suggest it may be an effective nootropic for general mental performance.

Studies show that pramiracetam can:
Increase cerebral blood flow
Improve long-term memory and spatial learning
Increase the absorption of high affinity choline
Increase nitric oxide synthetase in the cerebral cortex
Reduce the effects of amnesic drugs

Fasoracetam Powder is a nootropic compound from the racetam family of nootropics. Racetams comprises a large group of different compounds, all modified from the parent compound Piracetam, which was discovered in the 1960s. The chemical structure of Fasoracetam is: (5R) -5- (piperidine-1-carbonyl) pyrrolidin-2-one.

Fasoracetam can help improve stress and mood levels.

Fasoracetam Powder works by changing the receptors in the brain. It works on cholinergic, GABA, and glutamate receptors, all of which play a role in forming and storing new memories. Like most nootropic compounds and other racetams, Fasoracetam powder works on the brain to achieve mild cognitive benefits.

Anecdotal evidence and research suggests that Fasoracetam powder can improve memory and focus, improve stress, boost mood, and even help defeat procrastination by increasing motivation and mental clarity. Users who purchase Fasoracetam Powder report being able to do more, learn more efficiently, and maintain a calm state while feeling full of energy.

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