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AASraw is with synthesis and production capacity from gram to mass order of magnesium L-threonate powder (778571-57-6), under CGMP regulation and traceable quality control system.



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Basic characters in raw magnesium L-threonate powder

Name and surname: Magnesium L-threonate powder CAS: 778571-57-6 Molecular formula: C8H14MgO10 Molecular weight: 294.49 Fusion point: 648-651 ° C Storage Temp.: RM Color: white or almost white crystalline powder

Raw Magnesium L-Threonate powder to improve brain function and an extra boost



Raw magnesium L-threonate powder use

The correct dosage of magnesium threonates is around 1-2 grams in order to produce a much lower amount of elemental magnesium. Most evidence points to around 200 mg of elemental magnesium per day, and threonate is one of the best sources.

Warning on raw magnesium L-threonate powder

Intestinal absorption of magnesium varies depending on how much magnesium the body needs, so there aren't many side effects associated with supplementing. If there is too much magnesium, the body will only absorb as much as it needs. However, excessive doses can cause gastrointestinal discomfort and diarrhea. No side effects were reported.

Further instructions

Researchers suggest that magnesium L-threonate powder could revolutionize the field of mental nutrition and help everyone achieve and maintain optimal cognitive function at every stage of life.
Thankfully, MIT researchers have found that magnesium L-threonate powder is able to maximize the amount of magnesium the brain can absorb. Not only that, the researchers noted that magnesium L-threonate powder improved both short- and long-term memory.
In preliminary research published in the prestigious Neuron journal in 2010, MIT researchers analyzed all available forms of supplemental magnesium and demonstrated in an animal model that magnesium L-threonate powder and magnesium L-threonate powder alone the ability to cross the brain and increase magnesium levels. In their experiments, this increase in magnesium concentrations in the brain led to observable benefits in key cognitive measures.

Benefits of magnesium threonates
The first research on magnesium threonate was done by UCLA scientists, but the studies have multiplied in light of the many benefits. One of the main benefits of magnesium threonate is for absorption. Given that there are half a dozen different types of magnesium, including some that are almost completely unbioavailable, this is a rare and useful feature.

Once the magnesium has crossed the blood-brain barrier, it goes to work improving memory formation in both long and short terms. Since magnesium is involved with enzymes that speed up synaptic pathways (connections in the brain), the mineral helps not only to form memories faster, but also to preserve them in old age.

Another benefit of magnesium threonate is better sleep quality. According to a 2002 study published in the journal Pharmacopsychiatry, magnesium threonate modulates certain receptors and transmissions called GABAergic and glutamatergics. Scientists measured EEG tests on the brain to find magnesium threonate aided in sleep quality.

For the same reasons, many people who consume magnesium threonate also feel less stressed and less anxious than others.

Raw magnesium L-threonate powder

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