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Name and surname: CDP choline powder CAS: 987-78-0 Molecular formula: C14H26N4O11P2 Molecular weight: 488.32 Fusion point: 172-175 ° C Storage Temp.: Refrigerator Color: White powder

CDP choline powder in brain function enhancement and an extra boost

Names: CDP choline powder, citicholine, neurocolin

Use of CDP choline powder

This supplement is meant to prevent or treat memory disorders associated with aging due to the fact that both of the molecules it confers are neuroprotective and potentially enhance learning. While it appears to be more effective than phosphatidylcholine (PC) in this role, partly also for increasing PC synthesis in the brain, its potency is somewhat comparable to that of Alpha-GPC.

CDP-choline has some other potential uses in relation to cognition. It is commonly used as a memory enhancer in young people, but although some rodent studies suggest this is possible with oral CDP-choline, there are no human studies at this time. One study found increased attention with low dose CDP-choline (which needs to be replicated), and CDP-choline may have roles as an anti-addictive compound against cocaine and (even for preliminary trials) food. .

Because CDP choline is so well tolerated, a wide range of doses has been documented without the appearance of significant side effects. A cumulative daily dose of any amount from 250 to 1000 mg, either as a single dose or in two doses of 8 to 12 one year apart, is generally considered to be safe and effective.

Interestingly, an MIT study shows that the effects of a 4000mg dose were not measurable any differently than those of a 2000mg dose, which seems to indicate that there is little value in taking very high doses.

CDP choline is available in both capsule and powder form. It is water soluble, and as much as 95% of an oral dose is absorbed by the body.

CDP choline powder warning

Clinical trials and studies indicate that CDP choline has no documented serious side effects, even at high doses. Toxicological tests have shown that it has no severe effects on the cholinergic system and is perfectly tolerated, making it suitable for the treatment of a variety of diseases, traumas and ailments.

Indigestion, headache, insomnia and diarrhea were not reported as possible side effects. No studies on the effect on pregnant women have been completed, so those who are pregnant or breastfeeding are advised to refrain from using CPD choline.

Further instructions

CDP choline is an excellent addition to any nootropic subject's supplement regimen. On its own, it is a proven memory enhancer known to improve recall and prevent memory loss related to aging, disease and injury.

It provides more mental energy, better concentration and clearer thinking. In combination with other nootropics it is a powerful enhancer, and when stacked with racetams in particular it creates synergistic effects that take cognitive enhancement to a level neither supplement could achieve without the other.

Clinically tested and studied for decades, CDP choline has been shown to be extremely well tolerated even at high doses, although high doses are not required for optimal results.There are no documented serious side effects and it is approved for medical treatment in Europe and Japan.

CDP choline is an affordable and readily available supplement that has a strong and growing following among nootropic users. If you want to get the most out of your nootropic stacks, CDP choline is a choline source worth trying.

(1) Does CDP choline powder work?
CDP choline is hydrolyzed into choline and cytidine in the intestine, after crossing the blood-brain barrier it is reformed back into CDP choline, where it is used and absorbed through acetylcholine receptors which are involved in thinking and memory formation. The neuro-protective benefit caused by CDP choline is potentially caused by the storage of Cardiolipin and Sphingomyelin. Another suggested mechanism of action is the stimulation of glutathione synthesis. CDP choline also helps improve the signaling of many receptors such as acetylcholine, norepinephrine and dopamine.

There are still many variables that need to be looked at with the improvement of cognitive skills. As a result, it is very difficult to determine how effective CDP choline is for a specific person. It all comes down to your own needs and current cognitive ability and life choices.

CDP choline is a powerful nootropic supplement that boosts other nootropics and works on its own to improve many aspects of cognition and brain health:

• Memory enhancement: CDP Choline is perhaps best known for its ability to improve memory and prevent memory loss. It is frequently associated with anti-aging and has been studied as a potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease.
• Increased mental energy: Maintaining peak mental energy is important for everyone, from students taking exams to older people suffering from the mental slowdown often associated with aging. Clinical studies have shown that CDP choline has a significant positive effect on mental energy, increases frontal lobe bioenergetics and attenuates cognitive decay associated with aging.
• Better Focus and Concentration: CDP choline can increase your ability to concentrate for longer periods with fewer distractions, an essential aspect of studying, mastering a new skill, or completing any complex and mentally demanding task. Studies show this is also true of serious conditions including stroke, brain injury, and Alzheimer's disease.
• Enhancement and Amplification of Other Nootropics: Many nootropic users consider CDP choline a must-have when building any stack or combination of supplements. An exceptional source of choline, it works particularly well with racetam-class nootropics, making their effects stronger while at the same time preventing the minor headaches that are sometimes associated with racetams. It has been shown to delay the onset of cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's disease when used in combination with piracetam.

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